Security Trustee Services

More Group Capital Services (MGCS) is an independent provider of security trustee services with extensive experience in acting as a trustee on a variety of capital markets, banking and other commercial transactions. We regularly work with leading financial institutions, law firms, investment managers and other market participants on an extensive range of structures, asset classes and jurisdictions.

MGCS specialises in supporting complex corporate transactions which have an inherent requirement for an independent party to act as security trustee. We ensure the interests of all parties connected with the transaction are treated impartially and in accordance with transactional documents.

We can assist you in a verity of scenarios, from straight-forward debenture to complex capital raising structures. We ensure that investors’ interests are represented, protected, and maintained by working with our counterparties across multiple jurisdictions.

Key services include:

  • Holding security overcharged assets on behalf of secured parties
  • Acting as an impartial holder of security for the benefit of lenders
  • Reviewing amendments and other requests on behalf of lenders
  • Releasing from, or accepting additional assets into the security portfolio
  • Enforcing security in the event of default

As the appointed independent party to act as security trustee, More Group Capital Services can be trusted to work in the interests of all parties and can administer assets in compliance with the transaction documents. We are an experienced and impartial security trustee with the utmost integrity, capable of acting at speed, and whose independence is acceptable to all stakeholders.

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